Sunday, March 25, 2012

Black on Black

Hi! Just wanted to take a brief moment to tell you all about my nail art obsession.

I'm sure you've all seen the matte/shiny black nail combo that made its rounds on Pinterest a while back, but I decided to give it a go. The original used OPI "Lincoln After Dark", matte black polish. I checked a gazillion stores for it and I couldnt find anythign remotely close to it. Fortunately Sephora carries a matte top coat by OPI. It makes every color completly matte which is perfect because I'd love to try this matte/shiny combo with a host of colors. Matte black with neon pink, perhaps?

Anyway. All this nail art is just a way to keep my mind off the waiting list for the Caviar Manicure nail-polish from Ciate!

Come sooner already!!!

1 comment:

PeaceLoveAndSew said...

Love the black matte nail look! they came out really cute! Only thing I hate about black nail polish is taking it off lol