Saturday, March 17, 2012

I'm Thinking...Pink


Three Things:
1. Zat is a road-map of Paris behind me. I found it while digging around the house for my passport last week. I lost yet another aunt to the C-word--cancer, not Canada. She does...did live in Canada, however. *Sniff* Oddly enough, what cheered me up was finding my travel wallet which contained this map and a receipt from Laduree Paris. Sigh... les good times...

2. Warm welcome to the new beauty additions: Milani's Neon "Pink Rocks" nailpolish and Revlon's fuchsia lipstick.

3.Can I also throw in a plug for You Curl, my new favorite curling iron! Seriously, You Curl is BOSS! I never get these big curls from my traditional clasp curling irons.

Das hot, yeah?


PeaceLoveAndSew said...

Love the lip color! it looks really good on you :)

Lish said...

Thank you!