Sunday, July 8, 2012

Glorious Beauty Products: Premiere Orlando Freebie Overview

FINALLY! I have Photoshop which means I can now post these photos in an acceptable format for all you lovely folks. Being the marketing assistant for a beauty manufacturer does come with its perks and Premiere Orlando has proven to be the biggest perk of them all.

Premiere Orlando houses about 40 thousand beauty professionals and about 2 thousand cosmetic companies, national and international, once a year. It's where professionals go to learn the latest techniques and to preview the newest cosmetics on the market...or before they hit the market--that's always a treat--and drink and party, but mostly it's where bloggers goes to get FREE STUFF. 

I must have left with at least $600 worth of free swag (Muahahahahahahaha). Ehem... $300 of that was free extensions/weave/whatever from Pure Remy and The Beauty Station, and other distributors. This is where I say something along the lines of: "Ahh, a good weave is like fine wine," or something equally tricky. I also practically left with Soft Sheen's entire line, including a giant salon sized tub of Optimum Advanced, a new keratin infused relaxer. I must note here that I am 4 years sober off the "creamy crack," as they say, having moved on to finer things in life like Keratin, the cocaine of hair straightening treatments. But after watching a few demos from this low ammonia, keratin infused relaxer, it makes old school relaxers look like bath salts! We shall definitely revisit this for a proper review when after my appointment with my stylist tomorrow. 

As for the non-ethnic delights, I have Michael Rourke's new line "Rock Your Hair" in its entirety. *Does a the cabbage patch dance* I have a lot to say about this new line and I’ll save it for a dedicated blog post but I can say that pro-VOLUME styling products give you everything you need to achieve BIG, VOLUMINOUS, Kim Kardashian in front of a wind machine, hair.

My favorite little goody is a 24k gold lip-gloss from KollengenX, manufacturers of truly creepy yet extremely relaxing 24k facial masks. Succumbing to their 24k gold infused serums and masks would mean acknowledging the malignant conveyer belt dragging me towards 30 and I REFUSE to be caught dead with wrinkle creams. No way! (I'll regret this later, I'm sure) But I do enjoy the gold sheen and smell of their lip-gloss; it reminds me of MaryKay’s lipgloss.

Lord, this is cumbersome... What else... Oh yes, the new line of colorful powder compacts for your hair—and not a moment too soon! I was absolutely enthralled by the temporary hair shadows from ColorSmash. It basically uses the same concept of chalking with a less toxic and more vibrant range of temporary colors that can easily be washed out. 

I have a few more beauty freebies that I plan on reviewing later on but right now there's a small mountain of beauty products on my bed and I need to go do a Rick Ross-style plank on. :)

Laters, babe! 
(kudos to the dirty minds who get my reference) 

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