Sunday, August 5, 2012

What Happened in Vegas

Cosmoprof 2012, Vegas,

I wasn't planning on blogging about my adventures in Las Vegas. After all, there's a Vegas code... BUT, today I got an ego-boosting request for an update on my gloriously nonsensical life from a reader that made my day. So, without further ado I bring you: What Happend in Vegas.

Vegas was never on my bucket list of places to visit. I've never understood it's appeal. With it's bars, hotels, clubs and casinos, It's where people who haven't been to South Beach go to experience what my mum jokingly calls "dutty life". Not that I had any plans of living la vida "dutty". I was there on business to attend Cosmoprof and introduce a new product called INCEPTION, NOT gamble away my imaginary inheritance and indulge my hedonistic urges while a portrait of me rots in the attic.

Cosmoprof was a success. It was such a pleasure networking with the big wigs behind some of my favorite beauty brands and discovering some new and innovative products. My favorite meet-cute was meeting owner and creator behind Besame Cosmetics, the makeup behind movies and shows like The Artist and Mad Men, Gabrielle Hernandez, a woman who looks as if she just stepped out of a fabulous 1940's movie.

I have to take a moment thank the lovely models: Joyce Jones and Nataesha who, besides stopping traffic lanes of international business men in suits with their...ehem...charm, made working the convention so much fun.--And makeup artist/hair stylist Kaye Dash who transformed the girls into runway divas each morning (I definitely have to get her secret to getting those curls).

For a city named sin my trip was pretty tame. I spent the majority of it either working or having way too much fun riding the sideways-moving elevators in my pyramid hotel. But I did get to do some-sightseeing; the Venetian, Cosmopolitan and Caesar's Palace were okay but they had nothing on the blown glass ceilings, the whimsically themed gardens, and the dancing waterfall at Bellagio.

Being in Vegas was like being inside of an 80's arcade with no tokens left. I can't say it's on my the top of the list of places I've been; the novelty had definitely worn off by day 3, but it was a nice change and who can complain about staying in a pyramid (unless, of course, you're a mummy).  Model Joyce Jones put it all perspective with her insight: "If you don't sin a little, you'll explode!" to which I could only reply, "now that is what I call convention-al wisdom."

Models: Cool Blue Talent
Hotel: The Luxor
Hair by: Kaye Dash


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