Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Thrifted Vintage Finds

As a child, I always secretly admired my mother's early 90's style. To me she was the standard of nineties chic with her endless array of sheer black and floral fabrics, sopping wet Jerry curls that, as nineties wore on, morphed into a some sort of fabulous half shaved, half cropped product of 20th century engineering, and her clunky Egyptian earrings. Sometimes I find myself emulating her style and not even knowing it, and then I have to thank God for hipsters; they've made it okay to dress completely out of context.

This weekend I happened upon a little Antique/Thrift shop near the beach and decided to check it out.

Thrifting for decent vintage finds isn't easy. It takes a discerning eye for quality and a high tolerance 30 year old cigarette ash. Somehow I was able to spot these high waisted sheer black trousers for like a pence and and this adorable flower dress. That studded black bag is also thrifted!

But the hot item is definitely this genuine suade leather dress I snagged for $10. Emerald green suede dress, people! I'm not assuming it's vintage. Though, from the feel of and stitching, its quality is something you just don't see these days. I checked the tag and that didn't help. Wilson's Leather has been around for ever, so no clue there as to how old this dress is.

Anyway, enjoy! I hope I inspired some of you creative fashionistas!

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