Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Kiss Kiss, Bang Bang!

I told you guys I was going to IN on bangs this fall. And oh yeah baby. Behold!

These fringe bangs are out of control. They're stopping traffic and causing accidents--mostly because I have no peripheral vision with them. But I don't care. Who the hell needs to see what's around them? What's around me needs to check these killer bangs.

In case you're interested, I dyed my hair using Color Brilliance Creme Permanent Hair Color: #5IR-55.66, Light Intense Red and 20 developer. And the red is HOT. I can't even get any work done; I'm too busy staring at the light hitting my fringes. The ego has gotten out of control--to the point that it's referring to itself in third person.

My ego and I would like to publically retract our prior statements made against bangs. We really had no idea how FIERCE they are.

Also, I actually trimmed my bangs myself using this tutorial. It's the simplest technique I've seen so far.


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