Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Don't Ask Me Why My Christmases Be Tricky...

Oh the trickiness of this photo! This is my little brother, A-Crispy-Keem. When we go places we tend to forget how to act!

Had a WONDERFUL, BIG, FAT, JAMACAN Christmas with my aunt. Only we know how to serve Turkey with coconut rice and curry goat--and make it fab. 

All I want for Christmas is YOU READERS. Keep reading, keep threatening me in other social media platforms--ha--and I'll FINALLY break down and write about the rest of my trip to NYC! I really love you all. Even the trolls! Especially the trolls!

Merry Christmas luvs!


Luv and LuLu said...

Funny, that's exactly what i had for Christmas dinner: stew chicken, turkey and coconut rice and beans! Thought my fam was the only ones!

Lish said...

sounds yum! Nope, that's just Islanders for ya.