Thursday, January 12, 2012

5 Reasons You Should be Watching Downton Abbey

Set during the last days of Belle Epoque and Victorian grandeur, Downton Abbey takes us into the drawing-rooms of the English elite, to the scullery of the help, to the rallies in the streets. The aristocrats are running on fumes, the working class is getting all "We are the 99%" and you get the feeling that the women have worn their last ankle lengh skirt. Oh and England is about to get the crumpets bombed out of it, because it's the eve of WWI.

I understand reservations when it comes to Masterpiece Classics--all that Cranford and those Antique Roadshow ads that make you feel like you aught to be 80 years old and knitting your grandson a sweater. Though, none of that has ever kept me away. Cranford, however, this is not.! Downton Abbey is an incredibly acted, no dime spared-produced series that honestly, if you're not watching, you should be!

5 reasons you should get into it:
1. Somehow Masterpiece always pulls the finest actors in the business. Everybody is pulling an award worthy performance out of their hat. I mean really; even the one-eyed, toothless barkeep is gunning for an Emmy. (There is no one-eyed toothless barkeep--yet)
2. A protagonist you love to hate. Mary has got to be the most frigid, self absorbed, gold digging, heartless, manipulative, backstabbing bitch on TV since...Blair Waldorf! And I love it. Part of me wants her to get her comeuppance. The tinier part loves the different shades she brings to her character and can't wait to see what she does next.
3. Sex, Lies, and Politics. Enough said!
4. A colorful supporting cast of maids, cooks and footmen that steal the show...and the brandy!
5. The clothes! The Hair! The Setpieces! This show is absolute eye candy down to smallest broach. The amount of detail that goes into every scene from the jewelry to the silverware makes this such a visual treat.

And of course no history buff should miss it. Sunday's at 10. PBS.


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