Sunday, January 29, 2012

Ich Bin ein Berliner Does Not Mean What's in Your Wallet

German Bread Haus- The most amazing bakery in South Florida

There are two completly different realities of what happend yesterday. Yeserday I decided to make a blog trip to THE best bakery in South Florida, or at least Broward County: German Bread Haus. This little hidden gem is tucked away in Fort Laudedale, about a stoplight east of I-95 and Commercial Blvd. 

Yesterday I boarded a train in Berlin, likely headed for some clandestine mission to an ex Soviet country and armed with a stun gun and a wallet full of fake identities. 

Orgasmic Poppy Seed Pastry

I discovered this bakery last weekend and I've been raving about it ever since. Freshly baked treats sprinkled with whole grains and organic goodness. The fresh bread is delicious and the desserts...gah! The desserts are honestly too fantastic for me to even attempt to describe. Everything is baked fresh with love and organic flour. Walk in and the scent of warm sugar and wheat envelope you. 

The two realities converged somewhere between me biting into a warm, coconut filled, chocolate cookie delivered fresh from the oven by a young man I like to call "real life Peeta", and perusing the adorable little comic book store next door. 

Well you haven't made it big until someone in Europe has hacked into your bank account. And apparently while I was picking out gingerbread men at German Bread Haus, my card was actually racking up charges in Germany, boarding trains in Berlin and all that jazz. My adorably dorky friend (Dan) reminded me that only spies board trains in Berlin (that's how much TV we watch). He's right. Obviously there's some serious espionage going on. Espionage involving Eastern European thugs in tracksuits. 

Fresh Apple Strudel. Hot out the oven

While my bank investigates I plan on living off of apple strudel. 

I'm going to keep updating with weekly post as part of my new Broward County Treasures series. As you know, I spent the summer discovering cool things to do in South Florida like the Art Walk and grape stomping. Now I'm going to focus on discovering what there is to do around these parts (Broward) besides dying of old age! 

Stay tuned. 

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Piper said...

What a cute blog, I found you by accident. Love what you did with what you bought...FUN