Thursday, August 18, 2011

An Ombré That Just Won’t Quit: DIY Ombré Tutorial

Who says Ombré’s 15 minutes are up! Pish posh, homie! Fall is approaching, the darker clothing is coming out, and it’s the perfect time for Ombré. look at those beautiful curls of gradient fire. Look at them! Oh yes, they’re fabulous. And your auntie Lish is going to show you how to Ombré your hair at home! 

Step 1: Assemble your coloring paraphernalia: gloves, foil, timer, giant black garbage bag to be used as a cape, the usual…

I used: a 20 40 vol developer and 2 packets of Wellite powder bleach…all from Sally’s  I actually ran out of bleach so I’d advise mixing 3 packs. Mix a 1:1 ratio of developer and bleach until it’s a little runnier than toothpaste. This (above) is about a light as one process with 40 will go with dark brown to black hair so I you use the multiple process ombre method if you want lighter blonde. 

Step 2: Section your hair into two evenly. (Below) Bring all your hair to the front.
Step 3: Starting at the tips, bleach about 3 inches and then cover with foil. Let that stay in the foil for 15-20 mins. For shorter hair, do an inch.

Step 4: Unfoil and brush another 2-3 inches higher (or up to your cheeks). Make sure you’re running the brush over the previous sections every time you work upward. Foil entire section. and process for another 20 mins.

Step 5. Unfoil. With your fingers, apply bleach messily to the hair as far as you want.. No need to time this. You can wash it out right after. You just want this to slightly lighten the hair.

Step 7: Wash(No shampoo) and deeeep condition.

Et voila! Instant SWAG!


devin olivia said...

i love your hair

Lish said...

Hey thank you! I hope I inspired some fellow DIY-ers

ericak said...

see this is why you always did my hair...i was just thinking about how good my color always turned out when you did it

Lish said...

SO true Ericak. Remember my theme song?