Monday, September 5, 2011

True Blood Ep11: Never Bring a Bazooka to a Wand Fight

True Blood Season 4, Episode 11 Recap
True Blood Ep 11:  Soul Of Fire
Blogging while I watch:

So… I just got back from seeing The Help. Awesome movie. I laughed, I cried, I just about lost my mind when Lafayette turned up on the big screen. Literally, I had to fight to urge to stand up, point, and yell, “Hookah”. I really hope that the next time I see him he isn’t playing another fry cook. Just saying…

Slow-mo vampires in back leather alert! Pam, Bill, Eric, and Jess show up outside of Marnie’s ready to kill the witch…Al Qaeda style. Bombs, guns, and I think Jess has a bazooka. Why or how this would work against magic is beyond me. Who came up with this crack scheme? Sookie?

“Marnie just puked a bitch out.” Excellent observation Lafayette. Too bad you’re the only medium who can see Marnie force Antonia back into her body against her will.

“Fucking Sookie.” Yes. Finally, Eric and Bill realize how much Sookie really ruins everything. Right when they’re about to blow that popsicle stand, Jason comes prancing along telling them that Sookie went along and got herself trapped in the witches lair too. Eric and Bill commiserate over Sookie constantly getting it the way, and it is totally awesome.

Drugs must really be bad after all because it got Debbie to sleep with Marcus when she has all of Alcide at home. Who needs babies, Debbie? Have you seen your husband shirtless??? I’m not even going to pay this sad cry for more screen time any attention. Moving right along.

“Don’t go all ‘lost in nature’ retarded.” Sheriff Bellefluer is still wondering through the woods and still full of hilarious one liners. A fairy materializes for no reason and blasts him with light.

Marnie decides to “negotiate” with the vampires. Her demands: Both Bill and Eric kill themselves in exchange for Sookie. Yawn. Whatever. Same old. At least Pam realized this is some bullshit and whips out the bazooka.

There’s a lot of magic in this show but the kind of magic Jesus wields is very dark and very evil—and something tells there will be consequences for Jesus and Lafayette trying to tap into it.

Back in the woods, the fairy who just blasted Bellefluer decides they need to make love on the forest floor, but not before he swears, “To the light” that he’ll protect her.

Jesus’ spell finally frees Antonia from that old lunatic, Marnie AND disables the shield. The vamps rush in and Marnie’s only loyal follower tries to protect her. So Eric rips his heart out and drinks it like Capri sun. Then Bill busts a few caps in Marnie.

You know, if it weren’t for Sookie those two would make an excellent team.

The dust settles, everyone is hugging and congratulating each other, and NOBODY is paying attention to Sookie Stackhouse. The cheese stands alone in the corner watching King Bill and Eric forge a new bond over their respective machismo.
And yet…the season’s not done yet. We still have one more episode and this one ends with the spirit of Marnie leaping right into an unsuspecting Lafayette. Sunday needs to get here quick.

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