Sunday, October 9, 2011

My Keratin Treatment Meets Brazilian Afro Tutorial

I said I would test out Zelo on my friend this weekend and I did. Behold! Paula's kinky brazilian afro:

Here's a shot of her hair after straightening one side with the keratin product:

Which reminds me... Last tip: if you watched Zombieland, you know that it takes more than one shot to kill a zombie. The Double Tap: the first shot brings it down and the second shot keeps it there. Same thing can be said for a really curly afro. Resistant hair wants to spring back up after awhile, so I definitely recommend using this again in a few weeks after the first application to ensure that the zombie curls are indeed gone for good...well, for months, actually. Otherwise they'll be creeping up like Thriller.

Hope this helps anyone considering straightening their hair for the fall.

Also, it is highly likely that Zelo will be giving out more freebies this week so like them on Facebook and follow them on Twitter to get in on the goods.

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