Wednesday, October 12, 2011

She Bangs! She Bangs!

I'm not usually a BeyoncĂ© fan but her new song "Countdown" is working for me right now. And I'm in love with her American Apparel infused nod to Audrey Hepburn's Funny Face. I'm even willing to overlook the fact that her choreographer completlely ripped half this video's dance routine off from someone else. But mostly, I'm Obsessed with her choppy bangs and dark locks. 

Really, it's a problem. I'm like, Ali Larter obsessed with her bangs; I'm willing to stalk, creep, and sneak to get them this fall. 

Perhaps it's because I wore an ugly bowl-like bang cut in elementary school, that I've been such a bang hater before. I would see a girl with bangs and literally imagine how much better she would look without them. I honestly thought it took away women's sex appeal. Seeing Zoe Dechanel rock those same tired bangs year after year confounded and infuriated me. BANGS, they got on my nerves. 

But this fall, I'm coming around. I'm really digging bangs these days. BeyoncĂ© has managed to add a level off glam to something that, in my mind, has been relegated to hipsters and tattoo enthusiasts. And there's absolutely no denying that bangs give a girl a certain kittenish, "Welcome to my boudoir," Betty Page vibe WHEN done right. 

Short choppy bangs above the eyebrow are starting to intrigue me. Long bangs are still irk me, though I don't understand why. In any case,  I'm asking myself, "Am I ready to be a kitten?"

The answer is "Meow!" I found my next hairdo!

Now that I have my fall hairstyle in mind: I'm keeping my hair red, maybe move it a bit further along the red scale, somewhere between blood and Rihanna MacDonald's old color, and chopping my bangs about a centimeter above my brows. 

Yes, sounds like a plan! And since I do everything to my hair myself (with some help from my wonderful and very talented mum) I'll probably be cutting them with this neat tool by Purrrfect Bangs. Purrrfect, I love it! The little part of me that just wants to wear heavy eyeliner and burlesque hosiery approves!

Now please enjoy my favorite scene from Funny Face. Tell it Audrey!

Check out Beyonce's Hair in "Countdown"


devin olivia said...

i like beyonce
def have to see the video hate to see someone take other peoples work and not give credit :/

Lish said...

Yeah it's a pretty blatant rip off. They should have at least paid the original choreographer or given her credit. But I still no love lost for Beyonce. I'm sure she had no idea