Saturday, July 23, 2011

My Favourite Things: Cream Scones and Devonshire(Clotted) Cream

Had a glorious English Tea Party today. Decided to share a traditional British recipe and some prep pics. I used the recipes for Cream Scones and Clotted (Devonshire) Cream here, and they turned out fabulous. Everyone was raving about the cream—and the smell baking these scones filled my house with—heaven! My house smells distinctly like shortbread cookies, vanilla, and butter. The clotted cream with scones are definitely the most indulgently fattening things I've ever made in my life and for the taste, it's worth it. The cool clotted cream complemented the scones and jam deliciously. You’ll want to glob it onto everything.  Enjoy the pictures.

Devonshire Cream: American version (For you blokes without access to un pasteurized milk/cream) : Ingredients: Heavy Cream, Vanilla, Sugar(I substituted with brown sugar) and Mascarpone cheese blended until it reaches that thick density between whipped cream and stiff butter.

Cream Scones: Ingredients: Flour, Sugar(I used brown), cold BUTTER, Heavy Cream, Vanilla, Baking Soda, Egg (Makes about 8-10)


I said...

yumm good memories

Lish said...

sigh...sometimes a girl just wants her tea and scones. :)

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