Saturday, July 30, 2011

New Makeup and the Holy Grail of Red Lipstick

Got some new loot from Sephora and I’m happy to announce that I’ve FINALLY found the perfect red lip and foundation. Double rainbow winning! Hi-ya!

The Foundation is “High Definition” by Make Up For Forever in #175. It’s a new oil free, matte foundation, made specifically for taking photographs. And it’s made in France, so you know it’s good! I have, admittedly, oily and uneven skin and this evens my ever changing complexion perfectly. Plus, their collection's range is much darker and true to undertones for us colored girls.  

The Lips: By Smashbox. Their “Limitless Lip stain and Color Seal Balm” in “Guava” the Holy Grail of red lipstick stain. It’s bright and vibrant and it just pops—even against a darker skin tone. Not to mention, it lasts for about 2 hours without smudging or rubbing off.

It’s all about the lip stain. I’m telling you, lipstick is so yesterday. You’re grandmother wears lipstick. Just saying… If you haven’t tried lip stain yet, you really need to upgrade your makeup stash.

Blush: “Exhibit A” by Nars  looks like a bright red crayon pressed into a compact. But, the hot Crayola red actually looks pretty natural against my skin.

Brows: Used the brush and powder by Anastasia in ebony.

Eyes: Naked!!!



Anonymous said...

I LOVE your blog, Philly! Finally... an interesting read! It makes me feel like I'm still connected to your life haha and the tea party was amazeballs! Wish I was there for that!

MUAH! Keep writing so I can keep stalking your blog lmaooo

Lish said...

Thanks! If the master editor tells me it's good, it's good!