Friday, July 1, 2011

Nadia Oh is one GLORIOUS robot

You think I know better than to love Nadia Oh? I play violin, drink red wine, and croon out show tunes in the shower. Should I know better?

I first discovered Nadia Oh, Space Cowboy’s android, on So You Think You Can Dance, like everyone else. Her song, “Hot like Wow” was playing and I couldn’t pay attention to any of the dancers. I’ve never heard anything like it. The most stereotypical Arabic beats were going fast and hard while this mechanical voice droned over the track.

She’s like a lazy, android, British version of KeSha. Only, instead of attacking the beat like a rabid dog, she can hardly be bothered to supply more than a few half-hearted mantras. You can literally hear the nail filing in the studio. But, combined with nostalgic Egyptian beats, electronically mastered to submission, you somehow get an electro masterpiece. Yes, a freakin’ masterpiece. It shouldn’t be; oh I know it shouldn’t be. But, as far as electro-pop goes, “Hot like Wow” is Tchaikovsky’s Overture.  

Space Cowboy produced the daylight out of Nadia’s tracks and it’s the most Glorious cacophony of sounds ever. Tracks “Something for the Weekend,” have been on my workout playlist for the past two years. I honestly dare you to sit still to it. Go ahead. I'll wait... This song will move every cell of your body and then some.

Nadia, I’m convinced, is a robot, a glorious robot that gets lazier by the year. Colors, her new album, lacks the verbosity of her last. “Taking over the Dance Floor” features the lady of few words reciting mantras like “make your money” and shout outs to Kate Middleton on a loop. Meanwhile, songs like “Amsterdam” bear a bit of resemblance to M.I.A.’s “Bamboo Banga”.

“Is that You” and “Colors”, are definitely staying on my ipod; they have that ultra-familiar, techno-fied beat I love so much.

She definitely shows that sing-talk is better done half-assed, unlike some of her whole-assed contemporaries (Ke$ha). And you know what? It works for her.  

I’m still quite stuck on her last album, but this one is definitely growing on me. Though the beats aren’t hard and spastic enough to make me dash to the gym and dance my ass off, it might get me to sweep my floor with a little hip swish.

P.S. “Jump out the Window” is my new jam. Trust me; if you’ve ever been to a nightclub, you’ve so been there.  


U Know Who It is said...

She's not a bad artist and "Something for the Weekend" isn't bad song but too bad the video isn't to parwith the song. It's corny cheesy and horrible compared to the song. I feel that this song is everything Rebecca Black's "Friday" wanted to be(of course we know how that ended).

Anonymous said...

I can't believe I missed that punch line. It really IS everything Rebecca Black's "Friday" should've been. Yes, the video is terrible but the beat is illness

Anonymous said...

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